official SXSW 2014 entry video

This is as real as it gets:

Their live shows are manic and yet grounded. Improvised and yet perfectly calculated. Hearts pumped and feet stomp, with rebel yells and pounding drums and soaring flutes. You are aware that you are witness to something mysterious, something rare, something that seems absurd to try to put into words.

In January The Bambir released the INDEX EP, sessions from the basement of the Gyumri Dramatic Theatre where the ceiling was constantly leaking and actors were on a permanent vacation. The band was stuck in the empty building in April, 2013 for some 4 days with local spirits; the result is something raw, chaotic and fun.

Their second EP of 2014 will be released in February. Recorded during the final days of 2013, during the damned cold winter.

The Bambir will perform at SXSW in Austin, Texas on March 14, 2014

From mountaintops, they howl. From stones, they pull song. They're on a mission to catch the benchmark and destroy it, they are on a voyage to take a meat cleaver to everything you thought you knew about live music. They're returning to that ancient art of the traveling minstrel. And they are coming for you.