Press Quotes

Hailing from Armenia but soon to become official honorary Irishmen, The Bambir have been making a) a wonderfully wild folk-prog racket, and b) tonnes of new friends, since they crash landed on our shores at the start of the year…Genuinely unforgettable live. Staff Pick of the Week

Receiving massive acclaim from the music industry in general and putting on several shows a week around the country, these guys are going places...

Cheers! Magazine- The Music Seen

After 2 songs I’m wondering- is this the way forward for rock n roll?....In music, you see a lot of bands, but it’s rare you come across four guys that you would have to believe are born to play beside each other, and that’s the impression this band leaves me with.

-Ger Reid, Soundout, Ruby Music

A band who just kill it live...

The myth is usually more badass than the reality. But not with The Bambir, the reality is a hundred times more badass than any review or street talk you’ve heard…The best way I could describe this band is this… They were born fully formed, armed with guitars, and decided to invent rock’n’roll, without being aware that it even existed.

- Chew Your Own Fat live review